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Disclaimer: Though I have found these sites and organizations helpful in my studies, I cannot vouch for 100% of the materials and information offered by any organization. Therefore, I urge you to use discernment in what you find from any organization and on any site (including mine). Make sure you check all information against what the Bible says. Thank you and God bless you!

Alpha and Omega Ministries
The ministry of James R. White. White is an excellent apologist, defending the faith against such issues as antitrinitarianism, the King James Version only controversy, and others.

American Bible Society
The American Bible Society has an amazing amount of resources for enhanced bible study. They have everything from scriptures in original languages, to inexpensive Bibles, to Bible study resources and commentaries. A must-see for the serious Bible student.

Bob and Linda Shepherd's Home Page
This site is the touching testimony of a family who got caught up in a cultic Christian group and did not realize it until tragedy struck. They are a perfect real-life example of how dangerous it can be to follow false teachers and their teachings.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
If you want to read the works of the early church fathers, the reformers, or other early Christian works, this is a great place to start.

Christian Research Institute
An incredible apologetics and counter-cult ministry. The Christian Research Institute is the home of the Christian Research Journal and the Bible Answer Man radio broadcast. They also have an abundance of excellent resources, many of them free.

For An Answer
A good site for those seeking information on answering questions about the Christian faith. This site includes the author's own verse-by-verse Bible commentary, titled "Apologist's Bible Commentary."

Grace To You
The ministry of Dr. John MacArthur. Excellent teaching, preaching, and resources.

HOPE for Homosexuals . com
This is an excellent site with information and organizations to help someone seeking freedom from homosexuality, those who have recently come out of homosexuality, or for those wishing to find information on reaching out to homosexuals.

ICLNet - The Institute for Christian Leadership
This is an wonderful resource with archives of documents from other ministries, links to other Christian sites, and much, much more.

Ligonier Ministries
The ministry of R. C. Sproul. Dr. Sproul is professor of systematic theology at Reformed Seminary in Orlando, Fl. He is an incredible thinker, theologian and apologist, and presents extremely well thought out arguments for his beliefs. He hosts the radio show Renewing Your Mind, and his ministry publishes Tabletalk magazine.

The Revolution Against Evolution
An on-line book dealing thoroughly with the debate of creation vs. evolution. This book is part of a larger site containing other books and essays regarding the creation/evolution debate, and links to other creationist sites.

UMI Ministries
UMI is a ministry dedicated to exposing the lies of Mormonism. They have a large number of resources to aid in understanding Mormon doctrine, understanding the problems with Mormon doctrine, and witnessing to Mormons.

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