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Charles Capps

Capps, like most of the Word of Faith teachers, preaches a different God. Capps' God is not omnipotent, and as God told Capps, He can only act as we allow:

You are under an attack of the evil one and I can't do anything about it. You have bound me by the words of your own mouth.(1)
What a pathetic god Capps worships. Thank the God of the Bible that He is in control and not subject to our wills. It is not surprising however that Capps' god is so impotent, for Capps' God created man equal to himself:
God duplicated Himself in kind!... Adam was an exact duplication of God's kind!(2)
Though heretical, this teaching is very prominent among the Word of Faith preachers. However, Adam was not a duplication of God's kind. He was inferior and subordinate. While God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, humans, including Adam, have always been limited in their knowledge and in their power, and limited to existing in only one place at one time. Would Capps and friends ever teach that God is limited to existing in one place? Apparently they have no problem teaching that God is limited in knowledge and power. But if they wish to truly forward the idea that Adam was an exact duplicate of God, they would either have to limit God to a single place at any given time, or they would have to teach that Adam was omnipresent.

Capps also has a different Jesus. Like the other Word of Faith teachers, Capps' Jesus died spiritually and needed to be reborn:

Jesus was born again in the pit of hell. He was the firstborn, the firstbegotten, from the dead. He started the Church of the firstborn in the gates of hell.... He went down to the gates and started His Church there.... The Church started when Jesus was born again in the gates of hell.(3)
Capps could not make his thoughts more clear. However, the Bible in no way teaches this. Christ was not sinful man that He needed to be reborn. He did not need to go to hell. Firstborn from the dead clearly means that He was the first resurrected, not the first to die spiritually and be reborn. What a travesty that our sovereign Lord should be so maligned by Capps. These are not teachings that Christians should sit still for but should stand very strongly against!


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